Apple Blossom
Apple orchards on a hot summer day. Fresh green fruity notes, cut grass and stems, tree moss. Think of apple pie and blend it all together.

Autumn Berry
A strong scent, cassis burgundy oak moss and woods

Black Tea
Black tea, black pepper and herbs

Butterfly Lilac
Gentle lilac with rose and musks dreamy and romantic and oh so soothing.

One of my favourites 1930s style scents, and a secret! Think floral with musks and softer notes.

Forest Dusk
Walking through the woods near Alfred’s Tower as a child or riding our ponies and that heavenly smell of pine as you brushed past the trees.

Iris Powder Room
A wonderful ladies dressing room with soft powder puffs and ribbons elegant sequinned dresses, flapper girls and parma violet sweets in a bon bon dish.

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Floral, jasmine, musks, fragrant.

Log Fire
Sitting in a club or restaurant with well dressed gentlemen who have splashed on something that smells distinct. Couple that with the smell of the log fire roaring on a winter’s day and there you have it.

Sacred Resin
You have just walked in to the most holy of places and the smell of one of the hundreds of “Mass” that have been sung lingers in the air.

Musty Rose
Lovely rose candle with some musk. Another of my favourites.

Fleur de Orangerie
Gentle orange infused with so many magical ingredients.

Orange Blossom
A stronger orange candle with green notes, citrus, orange zest.

Strong rose, peony and green notes with a hint of musk

Somerset Bluebells
You are walking through a bluebell wood and the smell of hyacinth wafts gently on the breeze. And there you have it.

Somerset Lavender and Sage
Unlike any other lavender candle you have smelt before

Somerset Showers
Lavender, wild water mint, patchouli and more. Smells slightly medicinal. A friend said it would be very soothing if you were feeling under the weather. Think inhalation

Tobacco Amber
Tobacco Leaf, tolu and others

Winter Fruits
Lovely warm figgy. Comforting

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